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Keyvisual Balancelift
EXPRESSO Solutions


Our optionally electrically and pneumatically operated balancers enable effortless and weightless load handling. At the same time, our product solutions can be individually adapted to the circumstances of our customers, so that the greatest possible added value is achieved through ergonomic and efficient work for the user.


Designed for intensive and long-lasting use. And if something does go wrong, our service department will take care of it immediately.


For ideal handling, we place particular emphasis on user-friendly ergonomics when developing our products.


Application-oriented handling solutions for a wide variety of goods weighing up to 600 kg (eBalance Lift) with possible lifting distances of up to 4 m.


Wide range of vacuum, pneumatic, magnetic, and mechanical load handling devices and gripping tools.

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Balancelift and e-Balance Lift

Our drive is the human being, not the machine.

Our lifts and lifting systems have their place wherever future-oriented, specialized logistics are required. All products are manufactured in a modular system to realize individual, customer-specific solutions. Since 1953, our products have been impressing customers with their ergonomics, safety, quality due to the precision of their workmanship and offer an enormously high level of stability. Their long service life and constant readiness for use underline the high economic benefit.
E-Balance Lift

Electric rope balancer for rail systems

Electric rope balancer for rail systems – for manual handling technology, for installation in all types of rails in various weight classes up to 600 kg for individual use. The design requirements allow the use of only one chassis. This minimizes costs, the installation effort and extends the range of action for moving in the rail system or crane, as less installation space is required.
e-Balance Lift

Electric rope balancer with articulated arm

The electric rope balancer with an articulated arm in a column version for manual handling of goods weighing up to 300 kg. It consists of an articulated arm mounted on a column (suspension). The suspension cable is connected to the servomotor of the system, which operates the up and down movement. The center joint connects the two segments of the articulated arm and, in combination with the 360° rotation capability of the complete arm, allows accessibility from any point within the desired radius. The system can be fixed to the ground or is available as a mobile system on a steel plate.

Pneumatic lifting cylinder for ergonomic load handling

The wide range of mechanical, vacuum and pneumatic load handling devices and gripping tools offers application-oriented handling solutions for a wide variety of goods weighing up to 150 kg with possible lifting distances of up to 4 m. Easy, stepless, and precise maneuverability by up/down control or by balancer control (without operating keys; load is balanced automatically) is possible. The user thus has perfect control over the handling process – and all this without physical exertion in completely natural motion sequences. This increases productivity and makes a significant contribution to keeping employees healthy.
e-Balance Lift

As versatile as it is individual

Everything you need to integrate the BalanceLift ideally into your processes and working environment is provided by EXPRESSO. The possibilities seem almost endless considering the variety of gripping tools, assembly options or control solutions.

EXPRESSO handling consultants first discuss the task on site and prepare an individual handling analysis. Within a few days, you will then be presented with the handling concept and the corresponding quotation.


Gripping tools for the BalanceLift





Our pneumatic and electric balancers

  • eBalance Rail

    • ergonomic design
    • low system weight
    • payload up to 600 kg
    • Software can be flexibly adapted to requirements
    • programmable inputs/outputs (I/O’s) on control head and drive unit
    • only one chassis necessary
  • Electric rope balancer with articulated arm

    • ergonomic design
    • Aluminum arm with movable center segment
    • payload up to 300 kg
    • Software can be flexibly adapted to requirements
    • Programmable inputs/outputs (I/O’s) on control head and drive unit
  • BalanceLift

    • Available in three different sizes
    • Suspension on various carrier systems possible
    • Payload up to 150 kg
    • Anti-Jump safety function
    • Load rope with swivel
    • Individual gripping tools possible
    • Manufactured according to Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

    Lifting systems “Made in Germany”

    From consulting to manufacturing, our customized manipulators are created to 100% in Germany. In this way we guarantee the highest product quality and meet the highest possible demands for our solutions. And even after assembly, we are at your disposal with our service for all concerns regarding maintenance, spare parts, and operation. Everything from a single source.
    EXPRESSO Solutions

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