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EXPRESSO Solutions

Combination safety system

When our customers look for the highest standards of safety in loading and unloading, they inevitably come across the EXPRESSO combi-safety system: it combines the most innovative and technologically unrivalled safety solutions, thus defining a new standard for all those who are concerned about efficiency and accident prevention at the gate or loading unit.


Our solutions are well established in the field and have proven to increase the safety of our customers.


This solution combines our two innovative solutions Stop Trucks® and Stop Bodies®.

Low maintenance

The combination safety system demonstrably increases the safety standard during loading and unloading – without requiring a great deal of maintenance.


Thanks to high-quality materials, our solutions are particularly robust and thus guarantee a long service life.

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Combination safety system

The challenge of safety during loading and unloading at the gate or loading unit

As long as safety during loading and unloading depends on manual processes, there is a risk of negligence. Due to the high requirements of the employers’ liability insurance association in dealing with common hazards, more and more companies want to protect themselves. The solution: fully automated securing of trucks and swap bodies. Widely used for years by leading logistics companies. Result: “ZERO ACCIDENTS”.
Sicherheit beim Be- und Entladen
Combination securing system

For securing trucks at the gate or loading unit – Strop Trucks® Lateral (STL)

One of the two essential components of the combination safety system is the fully automatic immobilizer Stop Trucks® Lateral. This can be used to secure trucks from 12 to 40 tons at the gate or at the loading unit. If a swap body is used instead, the STL automatically moves to the side so that the legs of the swap body cannot collide with the truck blocking system.
Stop Trucks® Lateral
Combination fuse system

Flexible requirements demand flexible solutions – Stop Bodies®

To ensure that swap bodies can be loaded and unloaded according to the highest safety standards in addition to trucks, our patented Stop Bodies® system is also part of this combination solution: electro-hydraulically, the system slides under the swap body and fixes it to the gate or loading unit. This secures it against tipping over or away and against slipping.
Stop Bodies®
Combination fuse system

A unique combination worldwide – integrated into existing technology

To ensure that our innovative solutions provide the highest possible level of safety, they can be integrated into existing door control systems. Only when the truck or swap body has been secured, initiated by an employee in the hall using a switch, can the door be opened. The system thus minimizes employee errors by activating a fully automatic process chain.
Kombisystem im Einsatz
Combination fuse system

The highest standards – when it comes to safety, nothing less will do!

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    Combination safety system

    • Combination of Stop Bodies® & Stop Trucks®
    • fully automated
    • for securing trucks and swap bodies
    • used by leading logistics companies
    • until today: „ZERO ACCIDENTS“
    Combi-fuse system

    The EXPRESSO combi-fuse system in use

    Safety is the result of experience and passion. That is why our customers trust us when it comes to ensuring the highest possible safety during loading and unloading. The SCHAEFFLER Group relies on our solutions: In the video below, you can see our combination safety system in use.
    Kombisystem im Einsatz
    EXPRESSO Solutions

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