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EXPRESSO Solutions

Lifting aids

We set standards by which others are measured.
We serve clients in industry, logistics and trade all over the world. All products and solutions are characterized by high functionality, flexibility, safety and ergonomics. EXPRESSO is one of the market leaders in the lifting aids segment and offers a functional portfolio of innovative technological solutions.
Lifting aids

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Focus on ergonomics

EXPRESSO solutions are developed according to the highest ergonomic standards.
  • Lifting aids

    At Hailo Wind Systems in Haiger, Germany, the EXPRESSO BalanceLift guarantees production reliability during the assembly of fall protection systems.

    The company Hailo Wind Systems in Haiger relies on our individual handling solutions to manufacture their products for wind turbines. Since 2021, the EXPRESSO BalanceLift system has guaranteed production reliability in the assembly of fall protection systems. The balancer makes work steps more efficient and provides physical relief for employees.
  • Lifting aids

    At Gigaset in Bocholt, the EXPRESSO lift2move ensures efficient handling of telephone components

    The Gigaset company in Bocholt has been using our mobile loading lifts since 1997. In the production of cordless phones, smart home solutions, and smartphones, our lifts ensure efficient handling of telephone components. We also support Gigaset in developing special solutions that are precisely tailored to the conditions on site.
  • Lifting aids

    At the Zwilling plant in Solingen, Germany, the EXPRESSO lift2move effortlessly handles heavy knife crates.

    The knife manufacturer Zwilling from Solingen relies on our lifting aid lift2move for the in-house transport of shepherd crates. The lifts not only protect the backs and joints of the employees, but also make the movement processes ergonomic and safe. Zwilling appreciates the durability of our products and the advice of our field service.
  • Lifting aids

    In Sauerland, the EXPRESSO lift2move simplifies work in socket production

    We have a long-standing, trusting relationship with the JUNG company from Schalksmühle. The manufacturer of socket and switch systems uses our lift2move lifting aid in various versions to make work steps faster and easier for employees.
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