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Responsibility towards employees

Not only for our customers, but also for our teams, we want to make the best possible work possible. As a company, we face up to this obligation in every conceivable way. A career at EXPRESSO should be more than just a job.

Work-life balance

Flexible working hours
To better reconcile personal and business concerns, EXPRESSO allows employees to flexibly arrange their working hours in the mornings and afternoons within the flexitime system.

Mobile work
EXPRESSO promotes the self-determined organization of work and the compatibility of family and career for its employees. To this end, an agreement has been reached with the staff council that allows employees to work 20% of their weekly working hours at home or elsewhere.

Dogs at the workplace
EXPRESSO allows dogs to be brought to work. So that our employees do not have to undergo the stress of adequate dog care during working hours, it is permitted to bring the four-legged friends to the workplaces.

“We Care” Box

In order to give our employees the opportunity to raise any issues arising from their day-to-day work, we have installed several “We care” boxes in our premises. Colleagues can raise issues here, anonymously if they wish, which are then reviewed by a specially created team and forwarded to the appropriate department.

Health & Sport

EXPRESSO campaign:
Many EXPRESSO employees come to work by bicycle every day. This is not only good for their health and clears their heads, but also contributes to environmental protection. At the exhibition “Ride your bike! Reconquering the City,” which advocates greater integration of bicycles into everyday life, EXPRESSionists therefore also took part in the “Cycle to Work” campaign.

EXPRESSO sports subsidy:
A monthly monetary allowance is available for employees in sports clubs/fitness studios.

Fair payment

Appropriate and fair payment is both important and a matter of course at EXPRESSO. We have created transparent pay structures for our employees. In doing so, we are guided by the remuneration levels of the ERA tables (IG-Metall Hessen).

But even beyond that, the appreciation of special achievements or occasions is important to us. As a family-friendly company, we support our employees with additional bonuses for weddings and the birth of their children. Long-serving employees also receive a bonus on their anniversaries to underline the appreciation of their work.

Parties & celebrations

The atmosphere within the workforce plays a decisive role in the success of our company. As a family business, it is particularly important to us to create space for dialog and informal get-togethers outside of working hours. We therefore regularly invite employees to internal events and functions.

EXPRESSO patron system

Motivation for the introduction of a patron system
All beginnings are difficult! Everyone who has to work in a new environment with a new collegium is confronted with many impressions and tasks. That is why we have created our EXPRESSO patron system: The patron system is part of our efforts to ensure an easy start and the greatest possible satisfaction for new employees.

Health actions

  • Check-Up Vital Values
  • Smoothies
  • Green Messenger: Fresh fruit every week
  • Meditation Wednesday: Offline (meditation video since Corona)
  • Flu Shot

Works Council

Employee representation was first elected at EXPRESSO in 2010. Since then, the works council has represented the interests of employees and monitored compliance with their rights as laid down in laws or company agreements.

Since then, a number of works agreements have already been concluded that contribute to a better work-life balance, including mobile working, flexible working hours, a working time reduction model, and arrangements for the summer months.


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