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Social responsibility

Our responsibility does not end at our company premises. As a family business, we also want to take responsibility for life outside our structures.

Social Day

We regularly participate in Social Day at schools in and around Kassel. For example, participating employees plant trees, keep the school garden tidy or build playhouses. With these and many other activities, we want to support the young people of our society and try to promote the best possible environment for learning within the scope of our possibilities.

Girls Day

We also regularly open our doors to interested youth on Girls Day. Here we provide an insight into the processes of our various departments. The biggest highlight is always a visit to our production facilities. We are pleased to play an active part and hope to continue to arouse young people’s enthusiasm for our craft in this way.

Ukraine Aid

In view of the terrible humanitarian consequences of the war of aggression against Ukraine, EXPRESSO has turned to the associations MEDEOR e.V. and Europäische Missionsgesellschaft e.V. with donations of money and goods. We would like to continue to express our deep connection to the people in Ukraine.

Declaration on labor and human rights issues

The company EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG has expressly set itself the goal of acting in accordance with labor and human rights issues in all entrepreneurial activities and thus making a decisive contribution to their protection and preservation.