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EXPRESSO Solutions

Truck Blocking Systems

Too many accidents still occur during truck loading and unloading operations, which could in fact be prevented by complying with the requirements of professional associations. To establish higher safety standards, we have developed our Stop Trucks® systems. This prevents the truck from rolling away or moving in any other way and minimizes the risks of personal injury or falling transport vehicles during the loading process.


Our solutions are well established in the field and have proven to increase safety for our customers.


EXPRESSO’s automatic truck roll-away barrier is a patented solution for more safety at the gate or loading unit.

Low maintenance

All variants of our truck blocking systems can be maintained without much maintenance.


Thanks to high-quality materials, our solutions are particularly robust and thus ensure corresponding longevity.

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Truck blocking systems

All around the clock: We are there for you

As experts in security solutions in logistics, we have the highest possible standards not only in the development of our products. For our customers, we want to enable long-term operation of our systems and minimize downtimes, which is why our service partners are there for you 24/6!
Truck Blocking Systems

Manual truck blocking system MST®

With an ergonomically shaped telescopic operating lever, the blocking arm is guided on a guide tube up to the truck wheel, positioned in front of the front edge of the wheel and locked there. An integrated lever lock is activated by the operator via a switch or automatically by networking with the gate or on the loading unit.
Truck Blocking Systems

Stop Trucks® automatic truck blocking system

The fully automatic, patented truck blocking system Stop Trucks® guarantees maximum securing of the truck at the gate or loading unit against unintentional rolling away or driving off. The risk of accidents involving people or transport vehicles falling at the gate or loading unit during loading and unloading is thus considerably reduced.
Truck blocking systems

STL: The blocking system with access control

As soon as the loading and unloading of trucks and swap bodies is required, our advanced STL system comes into play. It offers the necessary flexibility to move swap bodies safely and without damage from the loading ramp. The STL Evo variant offers our customers the possibility to later upgrade the installed system with the Stop Bodies® swap body safety system at a favorable price.
Truck Blocking Systems

Our solutions for your safety

  • Manual anti-roll bar MST (Stop Trucks)®

    • hot-dip galvanized, high resistance
    • integrated signal lamps and acoustic warning signal
    • Optical sensors for adjustment ramp and closed gate
    • Optional: coupling with gate and ramp release
    • dimensions: height: 420 mm, length: 3.950 mm, width: 450 mm
  • Stop Trucks® automatic roll-away lock

    • sensor-controlled
    • integrated signal lamps and acoustic warning signal
    • locking of the truck wheel at axle height
    • Optional: coupling with gate and ramp operation
    • dimensions: height: 642 mm, length: 5,565 mm, width: 495mm
  • Automatic roll-away lock STL / STL Evo

    • sensor controlled
    • integrated signal lamps and acoustic warning signal
    • suitable for use on swap bodies
    • locking of truck wheel at axle height
    • Evo variant offers upgrade option to combination system
    • Optional: coupling with gate and ramp operation
    • Dimensions: height: 642 mm, length: 5,565 mm, width: 495mm
    Truck blocking systems

    Our solutions, explained.

    In order to meet the diverse requirements of our customers, we have developed a manual – as well as a fully automated truck blocking system. We would be pleased to present both variants to you in our short videos. We would be glad to advise you and your team on EXPRESSO solutions.
    EXPRESSO Solutions

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