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Shifting vehicles

A well-structured as well as passenger- and guest-friendly process also includes the availability of baggage carts at exactly the place where they are needed. To ensure this availability easily and efficiently, our portfolio also includes an electric transfer vehicle.


Efficient and energy-saving redistribution of baggage carts.


Designed for total loads of up to 800 kilograms, making it versatile.


A wide variety of safety features allow use even in confined spaces.


The transfer vehicle can operate in a wide range of climatic conditions.

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Shifting vehicles

Push2Move / Tow2Move transfer vehicle

The shifting vehicle is easy to operate and enables the movement of baggage carts over long distances. Maneuverability is guaranteed even in busy or narrow environments.
Shifting vehicles

Relief for service personnel

EXPRESSO’s shifting vehicle can significantly reduce the workload of your airport’s service personnel. Thanks to its ergonomic design, the management of your baggage carts is done faster and with less strain on your body. The battery-powered transfer vehicle also moves quietly indoors.
Shifting vehicles

For satisfied customers: Trolley availability

Empty collection points rarely contribute to passenger satisfaction. The transfer vehicle helps to improve trolley availability at designated locations. In this way, large quantities of baggage trolleys can be redistributed in a short time. An effective and safe solution for your baggage cart management.
Shifting vehicles

Our solution for your baggage cart management

  • Push2Move / Tow2Move

    • for towing/pushing loads up to 800 kg
    • ergonomic design
    • adapter for easy coupling of loads
    • electrically operated
    • dimensions: Length 1,520 mm, width 750 mm, height 1,070 mm
    Shifting vehicles

    Our experience for your success

    With over 50 years of experience in baggage cart management, we know what matters when it comes to handling baggage carts. With our solution for simple and fast redistribution, you ensure the best possible availability of the trolleys used at the designated locations.
    Shifting vehicles

    The Push2Move in use

    EXPRESSO Solutions

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