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Welcome to our lift2move ecosystem: the mobile lifting aid for individual goods, packages and equipment that need to be moved from one place to another.

The modular system offers seemingly endless possibilities to tailor our product solution to your requirements in the best possible way.


Thanks to the innovative modular principle, the lift2move solution can be ideally configured to meet your needs: From the chassis to the mast height.


Tested and recommended by the Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen e.V. and awarded as “German Standards – Brand of the Century”.


Companies across industries rely on the tested and established solution from EXPRESSO.


Thanks to various chassis options, the lifting aids can also be used in tighter spaces without any problems.

Find the right product for your needs!

lift2move solution

The new generation of mobile lifting aids! Our solution series can be individually configured down to the smallest detail according to our well-proven modular system to meet the requirements of our customers. All starts with a consultation by our experts…

lift2move selective

To serve widespread standard lifting applications quickly and efficiently, we rely on a selection of pre-configured lift units in our selective series. The universal lifting aids offer a selection of different load capacities and heights…

lift2move Solution


To support our customers’ processes in an efficient and target-oriented way, we develop your lift2move individually for your requirements. Your handling system will be designed in close cooperation with you and EXPRESSO planners prior to its realization. Nearly everything is possible: lifting, pushing, gripping, turning and much more.

Within a short period of time, the jointly developed handling concept will be presented to you in the form of a corresponding offer.

lift2move Beratung

Solution-Lift: The ergonomic basis

We use the basic version of our lift2move modular system as the basis for our planning. Starting from this, all technical equipment features of our product solution are individualized to the later handling scenario. This ensures maximum efficiency in use for our customers.

Focus is always placed on the ergonomics of the finished solution. This allows work to be carried out not only efficiently, but also in a way that is easy on the body.


Three different chassis designs are available for the lift2move. Should additional individual solutions be required, our experts will find the right solution.

lift2move without chassis

For stationary handling, the lift2move does not require a chassis at all. Ideal for use at fixed workstations (e.g. machine assembly) or as a complete production line.

lift2move with short chassis

Without front legs, chassis orientation to the rear with additional counterweight and steering column. Suitable for applications in which it is impossible to go underneath an element in the work process.

lift2move with wide chassis

Extra wide lift2move special chassis for extra tilt resistance when handling loads off-center. Suitable for workflows where pallets, machines, etc. must be driven around.

Your individual solution for load handling

The right load handling solution for almost every handling task. Not a problem with lift2move! The right configurations are put together individually for each customer.

Combination of load receptors

For maximum versatility, different load handling devices can be combined. In the video you can see the combination of a fork and a foldable platform.


Different forks for picking up and moving boxes, pallets, or other loads.


Different possibilities for gripping allow versatile handling.


A range of outriggers is available for a variety of handling applications.


Different platforms, e.g. with additional safety brackets or in double design.


For picking up and moving rolls with an inner core. Available in different versions.

Special features

At customer request, lift2move lifting aids can be equipped with special features. From paint finish to digital control elements – everything just the way you need it.

Paint-free design

Special paint coatings make it possible to incorporate your own corporate design, to assign lifts to specific areas and tasks, or to meet certain hygiene standards using a paint-free design.

ALC Position Control

The Advanced Lift Control extension enables a comfortable approach of up to six freely programmed positions. Precise removal from racks and approaching workbenches or pallets at recurring heights are thus made much easier.

Telescopic mast

Equipping lifts with telescopic masts enables the electric loading and unloading of rolls at great heights. The advantage of telescopic masts is the continued low overall height of the lifts, while at the same time providing a long lifting distance.

ESD wheels

For work in electrostatically sensitive areas, our lift2move solutions can be equipped with ESD-compliant wheels. The abrasion-resistant smooth-running wheels meet the highest industry standards and can therefore also be used in laboratories.

lift2move Selective

lift2move S
With a total height of 1 682 millimeters, the smallest version of our lift2move selective varieties.

lift2move M
The medium lift2move version has a total stroke of 1 442 millimeters.

lift2move L
Total height of 2 182 mm, providing a total lift travel of 1 692 millimeters.

Lift2Move is…


With the seal of approval of the Aktion Gesunder Rücken e.V. (AGR). The EXPRESSO lift2move product family has been awarded the AGR seal of approval, which is awarded by an independent panel of medical/therapeutic experts and exclusively identifies ergonomically proven products.
Excellent quality

Made In Germany

The innovative solutions of the lift2move family are 100% “Made in Germany”. EXPRESSO as an ISO certified manufacturer thus becomes your one-stop shop for state-of-the-art lifting aids. Among other things, the lift2move platform was awarded “Brand of the Century” for its innovative content.
EXPRESSO Solutions

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