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Muscular and skeletal complaints are the most common causes of work incapacity – most notably in professions where physically demanding activities such as pulling and pushing loads are part of the daily routine. Due to the significantly lower effort required compared to manual pushing, our solutions significantly reduce the physical strain.


Depending on the product, loads of up to 1 000 kg can be moved effortlessly in a body-friendly manner.


For ideal handling, we place particular emphasis on user-friendly ergonomics when developing our products.


Thanks to the simple Plug and Play installation, our solutions can be put into use quickly and easily.


Thanks to the electric drive, touch2move solutions can be operated almost silently.

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Move loads easily

Our solutions relieve your employees and colleagues. By working in a way that is easy on the body, processes can be made more efficient and sick days can be minimized. This makes our products an economical purchase and increases the attractiveness of your company for employees.
touch2move EVO 1000

Universal drive system with intelligent sensor technology

The touch2move EVO 1000 moves loads of up to 1 000 kilograms and consists of the two set components cockpit and electrically driven fixed castors. It impresses with its simple installation with “plug and play” and intuitive operability. Consequently, the system can be used immediately after only a short briefing. High efficiency and cost savings are thus ensured.

Electronic drive system for process optimization and load reduction

The innovative roller container transport system helps move loads of up to 1 000 kg effortlessly. This way, companies actively relieve the burden on their workforce and provide targeted support in day-to-day work. The design and handling of the easymover are ideally adapted to the needs of the user. The resulting energy and time savings make daily processes in your company more efficient and increase the satisfaction of your employees.

The right EXPRESSO solution for your application

  • touch2move EVO 1000

    • battery-operated electric drive
    • use in manual mode
    • easy Plug And Play installation
    • load capacity: 1 000 kg
  • easymover

    • battery-powered electric drive
    • ergonomic handling
    • for transport of roll containers
    • load capacity: 1 000 kg

    Transport Solutions from EXPRESSO: Quality “Made In Germany”

    EXPRESSO’s products are the ideal solution for work under the highest ergonomic demands: loads are moved easily and in a way that is easy on the body. For these reasons, our customers trust in the quality “Made In Germany”. Our team will be happy to assist you with advice.

    The easymover in use

    EXPRESSO Solutions

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