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The company history

From barrel trading to a specialist for ergonomic material handling
  • 1939

    Foundation of the sole proprietorship “August Manss”, operating a barrel trade in Vienna.
  • 1945

    The company moves to Kassel, the hometown of the company founder.
  • 1953

    Experience in the barrel trading business led to the development of the first hand truck to facilitate the handling of heavy barrels.

    From now on, more and more special transport equipment is developed for practically all goods and industries, and a nationwide field service organization is established. First patent application. Over the years, more than 200 further industrial property rights follow, which have a decisive influence on the success of the company.

  • 1967

    The first hand truck in an aluminum modular system is developed.

    This innovation significantly lays the foundation for EXPRESSO’s current market leadership position in the field of aluminum transport equipment.

    This innovation significantly lays the foundation for EXPRESSO’s current market leadership position in the field of aluminum transport equipment.

  • 1968

    Production of the first baggage carts. From now on, EXPRESSO products help rail and air passengers all over the world to travel.

  • 1978

    The sole proprietorship becomes a family-owned Ltd (limited liability company).

  • 1990

    EXPRESSO-Deutschland Transportgeräte GmbH becomes part of the Joachim Loh Group (JLU).
  • 1994

    The company moves into the newly built customer center in the industrial area of Kassel-Waldau, which is designed according to modern aspects of team communication.
  • 1997

    The product range is expanded to include the battery-powered lifting aids “Lift&Drive” and the patented, sensor-controlled drive concept “MagiC”.

  • 1989

    EXPRESSO launches the world’s first aluminum suitcase trolley. By now, several hundred thousand baggage trolleys are in use at airports and train stations worldwide.
  • 1999

    The “BalanceLift” complements the product range in the field of effortless load handling. Certification according to DIN/ISO 9001.
  • 2003

    With a changed company name, “EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH” celebrates the 50th anniversary of EXPRESSO and the 25th anniversary of the GmbH.
  • 2004

    MagiCexpress, the pioneering powered letter delivery truck for the postal service, is used for the first time in Germany.

    Development of the “touch2move (t2m)” with digital control system and freely programmable driving behavior.

  • 2007

    Market launch of the LEO single-hand tractor system – “powered by touch2move”.
  • 2009

    Enlargement of the factory for the special production of customized products.
  • 2010

    Introduction of customer order related production of hand transport devices with Kanban – material flow control.
  • 2011

    Acquisition of the Multiperformancelift division of cab in addition to the modular “Lift & Drive” lifting aid program.
  • 2012

    Market launch of the Lift2move series for loads 85kg-225kg.
  • 2013

    Reorganization of lift manufacturing according to the One Piece Flow principle. Extension of the lift2move series for loads up to 405kg.
  • 2016

    Market launch of a new lift2move product generation, which with the construction of the modular system creates the technical basis for planned, future innovations of the lifting aid.

    From now on, innovations can be quickly integrated into the existing platform and the wide-ranging modular system.
  • 2017

    Introduction of the world’s first autonomous Lift2move for heavy loads up to 400 kg.
  • 2018

    Introduction of KraftEX: powered, all-terrain transport truck
  • 2019

    Introduction of the new ERP system
  • 2020

    On January 1, 2020, the company form changes to GmbH & Co. KG
  • 2022

    Introduction of a new type of stair-climbing lift table truck

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