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Stair climber

We’ve all been there: transporting heavy loads up and down stairs can be a strenuous task and can cause unintentional damage here and there. But this does not have to be the case: Thanks to EXPRESSO’s stair climber solutions, even this obstacle becomes a breeze.


Thanks to high-quality materials and individually replaceable components, the stair climbers are particularly durable.


For ideal handling, we focus on user-friendly ergonomics when developing our products.


The advanced braking system makes the electric versions of the stair climber exceptionally safe.


Available as manual and automatic versions, depending on the user’s requirements.

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Stair climber

Manual or motorized: What would you like it to be?

At EXPRESSO, you can choose from four different types of stair climbers. We distinguish between manual and electrically driven solutions, which take even more work off your hands with the help of a rechargeable battery. This makes it easy to maneuver stairs with loads of up to 200 kg.
Stair climber

The manual stair climber

For lighter loads, the EXPRESSO manual stair climber offers the ideal mix of comfort and speed. Thanks to the star-shaped arrangement of the tires, you can comfortably pull the trolley up or down the stairs even with a heavy load. This allows you to overcome single steps and entire staircases in no time at all and bring your transported goods safely to their destination.
Stair climber

Maximum comfort due to electric drive

Simplicity – this is what our customers experience by using our electric carts. When heavy loads need to be transported up and down stairs, our automatic solutions from EXPRESSO are just what you need. The electrically extendable supports on the underside of the cart allow easy and gentle pushing up step by step, without damaging the edges of the stairs or straining the endurance of the user. This allows up to 120 kg to be moved effortlessly.
Stair climber

The EXPRESSO product variety for stair climbers

  • Type 851 276 115 504

    • Aluminum lightweight construction
    • foldable
    • Load capacity: 125 kg
    • Width: 540 mm
    • Height: 1.230 mm
  • CargomasterType C120S

    • Up to 50 steps/min.
    • height adjustable handles
    • incl. charger, battery pack and lashing strap
    • Load capacity: 120 kg
    • Width: 493 mm
    • Height: 1.066 mm
    Stair climber

    Hand trucks from EXPRESSO: Quality “Made In Germany”

    EXPRESSO’s innovative stair climbers make transporting loads over steps a breeze. They combine the classic features of our popular carts with the advantages of a motor for easy handling. To ensure the durability and high quality standards of our parcel carts, each cart is handmade at our location in Kassel, Hesse.

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