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Airside baggage cart

Airside baggage carts from EXPRESSO are the ideal partner in the shopping world of airports. The maneuverable carts can be moved quietly and easily indoors thanks to their high-quality casters, making them particularly convenient to use.


Every part of our baggage carts can be replaced if necessary. This makes the purchase particularly sustainable.

High Quality

Our “Made In Germany” trolleys meet the highest standards of quality and workmanship.


By using particularly quiet running wheels, Airside baggage carts can greatly reduce background noise.


We are happy to advise on the complete purchase of baggage carts and other solutions. Ideally tailored to your infrastructure.

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Airside baggage cart

Luggage carrier and shopping aid

In addition to durability and sustainable use, the versatility of our products is equally important to us. The luggage cart offers an easy-to-load surface for hand luggage and small suitcases. In addition, a large basket offers sufficient space for stowing items such as purchases.
Airside baggage cart

The ideal companion for airport shopping

Thanks to its enormous maneuverability and tipping stability, this elegant EXPRESSO Airside baggage cart is the ideal partner in the airport shopping world. Thanks to its compact shape, the Airside trolley can be safely pushed and steered even through narrow sales areas.
Airside baggage cart

High quality luggage cart for airports

Plastic parts made of particularly durable material at the front of the trolley prevent damage to the premises. This protects your infrastructure and enables long-term operation of your EXPRESSO baggage carts.
Airside baggage cart

The ideal trolley for indoor use

  • Airside Gepäckwagen

    Airside baggage cart

    • for transporting hand luggage and purchases
    • handy and maneuverable, without brake
    • visually appealing design
    • load capacity: 100 kg
    • Dimensions: Height 965 mm, width 525 mm, length 650 mm
    Airside baggage cart

    EXPRESSO Airside baggage carts: We are happy to advise you

    With over 50 years of experience in the baggage cart business, we are happy to provide you with our expertise. We can advise you on the ideal concepts for using our products at your location. Contact our experts and arrange a non-binding consultation appointment.
    EXPRESSO Solutions

    We are happy to advise you: Your experts in Airside baggage carts

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