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Swap body securing

Our solutions for securing swap bodies significantly reduce the risk of accidents during loading and unloading operations by securing the swap body against unintentional movement. The systems can also be linked to the door control system to ensure maximum safety.


Our solutions are widely established in the field and have been proven to increase safety for our customers.


EXPRESSO’s solutions can also be cost-effectively combined with each other for maximum safety.

Low maintenance

All variants of our truck swap body safety systems can be maintained without major maintenance effort.


Thanks to high-quality materials, our solutions are particularly robust and thus ensure corresponding durability.

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Truck swap body security

All around the clock: we are there for you

Accidents on swap bodies are often caused by inattention. With our solutions we want to protect your employees, the technology, and the premises from incidents by eliminating one of the most common danger spots: Wrongly or prematurely pulling off a swap body. How do we do that? With our innovative safety solutions.
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Truck swap body safety system

Stop Bodies® automatic swap body securing system

This worldwide unique system locks electro-hydraulically to the swap body and pushes it against the dock/ towards the gate. This prevents it from slipping off and significantly reduces the dangers for your employees. Stop Bodies® can also be coupled with other systems (gate, stoplight, ramp, etc.) for this purpose.
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Truck swap body safety system

The combination system for maximum safety

The Stop Bodies® solution can also be combined with a truck blocking system for maximum safety standards at the gate or loading unit (on loading ramps). This provides the best possible protection for employees and prevents accidents according to the unique safety standards of EXPRESSO solutions. Find out more about our combined safety system
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Truck swap body security

Our swap body securing system

  • Stop Bodies® swap body securing

    • patented system
    • electro-hydraulic operation
    • secures swap bodies against tipping over/away and slipping
    • prevents incorrect or premature removal of a swap body
    • to be connected with gate control
    Kombisystem im Einsatz
    Truck swap body safety

    Our solutions, explained.

    The unique EXPRESSO safety solutions raise the standard of your accident prevention at the gate or at the loading unit (at loading ramps) to a new level. The systems can be combined with each other to best protect your employees, premises, and equipment in use from accidents and damage. See our systems in action:
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