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Corporate responsibility

As a family business, we are aware of our responsibility towards others. Our business decisions affect people in our direct and indirect environment. We want to continue to live up to this responsibility.

Supply chain and procurement

Within our supply chain, we are committed to the high standards of the JLU Group. We are aware of the consequences of our business decisions – also regarding the environmental and working conditions of our partners. In our purchasing code, we have formulated guidelines according to which we act when selecting our business partners.

Fruitful innovation climate

Ensuring the future viability of the company is an essential element of corporate responsibility. To maintain the innovative character of our company, an interdisciplinary innovation team drives new developments. In this way, new ideas are constantly being generated outside the existing product range, and the team meets weekly to discuss their implementation. This is how, for example, the idea of what is probably Germany’s most innovative shopping cart – the SmartShopper – was born.

EXPRESSO Germany has already received several “Top Innovator” awards. An attitude that is embodied by the staff and CEO Dr. Bünz: “As innovation leaders in our industry, we are shaping the future today”.

Fair hiring practices and diversity

Employee diversity is critical to the success of the company. That’s why we are committed to equal opportunity, as well as fair hiring practices and compliance with anti-discrimination laws.

Our day-to-day operations are characterized by mutual respect. In this way, we aim to create an ideal place for all employees to develop professionally, where the opinion of each individual has an impact on the final product.

EXPRESSO Code of Conduct of the Company

The success of our company is significantly influenced by the cooperation of all employees. For this reason, we at EXPRESSO work according to a code of conduct that is actively lived by all team members. This professional guideline forms the foundation for everything that makes us and our products special.

Data protection and information security

Information is one of the company’s most valuable assets. For this reason, too, we are committed to protecting the sensitive data of our employees and customers to the greatest possible extent and have implemented the latest data protection standards in our business processes.

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