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EXPRESSO Solutions

Further security systems

In addition to our innovative system solutions, we also offer additional products from the field of safety technology at the door or at the loading unit. In over 60 years, our experts have repeatedly discovered security-relevant weak points in intralogistics processes during loading and unloading. And over time, we have been able to develop reliable solutions for most of these points.


Our solutions have been established in use for many years and have been proven to increase safety for our customers.


Many of our solutions can also be combined and coordinated with each other.

Low maintenance

Our safety solutions demonstrably increase the safety standard at loading ramps – without requiring a great deal of maintenance.


Thanks to high-quality materials, our solutions are particularly robust and thus guarantee a correspondingly long service life.

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Other security systems

Making safety a matter of course

Accident and hazard prevention is a key focus for logistics companies. That is why EXPRESSO has developed a wide range of solutions that have a common goal: Ensuring greater safety during loading and unloading in intralogistics. Find out more about what we have to offer and contact us with your concerns.
Other security systems

Wireless radio wedge KIFE (with signal lamp)

Our KIFE system is the consequent further development of known wheel wedges. After securing the vehicle, the wedge sends a radio signal to the signal system at the gate. Only after the wedge has been placed correctly, the stop light on the inside of the gate switches to “green” and gives the signal to the employees to work safely. On the outside, the traffic light switches to “red” and signals to the vehicle driver that his van or truck is secured against driving away.
Kabelloser Funkkeil
Other security systems

Lighting solutions from EXPRESSO

Many accidents during loading and unloading are due to insufficient lighting. The right lighting plays an important role in ensuring the safety of work areas around a loading ramp. With our swiveling lighting solutions, loading zones and premises can be additionally secured and the risk of accidents reduced.
Other safety systems

Support systems for safe working

When working on trailers, secure footing is a basic requirement for accident-free work. Our handy support systems are quick and easy to install and prevent the trailer from tipping over or away. This is a cost-effective and immediate way to increase work safety.
Other safety systems

The variety of products for ramp safety from EXPRESSO

  • Funkkeil (KIFE)

    Wireless radio wedge KIFE (with signal lamp)

    • electric wheel wedge with offset traversing bar
    • control cabinet with acoustic alarm/signal lamp
    • Operating voltage: 230 or 400 V at 50 Hz
  • PJQU90

    LED ramp spotlight type PJQU90

    • Spotlight IP65
    • Swivel arm with three joints
    • Luminosity: 4,000 lumens
    • Length (extended): 1,150 mm
  • PJQU100

    LED ramp light type PJQU100

    • Illumination of dark holds (10 m): 110 Lux according to INRS ED6059
    • Lifetime: 25,000 hours
    • Swivel arm with three joints
    • usable from -25°C to +55°C
    • Length (extended): 1,150 mm
  • Jack TS

    Safety prop JACK/TS

    • static load capacity 15 tons
    • adjustable height 920 to 1320 mm
    • support plate 730 mm wide
    • 2 speed crank for fast handling
    • own weight: 85 kg
  • Jack TM

    Safety support JACK/TM

    • exact height adjustment possible
    • prevents tipping of the trailer
    • stable stand on four feet
    • easy to move due to mounted wheels
    • adjustable height 920 to 1320 mm
    • load capacity: 15t
    Other security systems

    Trust in the expertise of our professionals

    For many years, we have been advising our customers on optimizing safety standards in loading and unloading operations. Our broad product portfolio is designed to minimize the risk of accidents in your operations. If you have any questions about our solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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    EXPRESSO Solutions

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